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Black Honey
Written & Directed

'Written & Directed' is the second album by Brighton indie-rock four-piece Black Honey. Their self-titled debut earned them a spot at Glastonbury and a tour support slot with Queens of the Stone Age - a band that Black Honey have clearly been influenced by, along with The Kills - and this album can only make them go further. According to the band’s singer / guitarist Izzy B. Phillips, this LP was made so that it might empower young women.
  • Vinyl LP (WAD0007)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Black Honey
Black Honey

The press release for the eponymous debut LP by Black Honey begins by claiming that there’s no band around who’s quite like this Brighton quartet, but in the following paragraph it name-checks Garbage, Lana Del Rey and David Lynch. That just about sums up this one. Black Honey are cool and they and know it.

Black Honey

New single from hot new Brighton rock band Black Honey. This song features exactly one riff and that riff, if you would permit me, is very good. Youtube commenter Higgy reckons they sound like a female fronted Arctic Monkeys. That's not far off, so long as we're talking about the sleazy, slicked back hair version of those South Yorkshire boys.

Black Honey

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