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Volker Bertelmann (Hauschka)
Adrift (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Something a bit less playful than usual from Volker Bertelmann, who is better known as Hauschka. For Adrift, a film in which two sailors must survive the aftermath of a storm, Bertelmann has produced a patient and emotive soundtrack, one that tracks the desperation and hope necess...view item »

What If

Hauschka is a modern master of prepared piano music, successfully transferring this esoteric approach to the instrument into lovely melodic songs. What If sees Hauschka adding automatic player pianos into the mix, which opens up even more possibilities for this eternal sound-tinkerer. Released by City S...view item »

Dustin O'Halloran & Hauschka
Lion (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The new Saroo Brierly film Lion has Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel in central roles and Hauschka and Dustin O'Halloran on the soundtrack. O'Halloran is an experienced film soundtrack composer, whereas melodic prepared-piano tinkerer ...view item »


Hauschka returns to the material of last year’s Abandoned City album, this time abandoning it even further with A NDO C Y, a collection of tracks from the same sessions paired with two striking remixes from Eluvium and Devendra Banhart, who take those pieces into fresh, s...view item »

Room To Expand (Expanded)

There was room to expand so they expanded. Volker Bertelmann is Hauschka, well known for what goes on within his prepared piano, which he fills with instruments and trinkets to create spooky timbres and odd atmospheres. 'Room To Expand' is a reissue of his debut record and shows his humble but proficient technical beginnings. Se...view item »


Hauschka has been preparing his piano and processing it into neat compositions for many albums now, but what this release gives us is a look at unvarnished Hauschka. 2.11.14 contains two side-long improvisations recorded in Japan last year, so we can hear the man thinking in real time. Highly limited vi...view item »

The Prepared Piano (10th Anniversary Edition)

Rearranging the rules of the piano, Hauschka creates pieces which are interested in viewing the instrument in a different way. Wedging bits of leather and other such things into the piano strings, adding guitar strings or covering the piano hammers in bits of tin-foil, the result is a band of pianos which jangle along in a ...view item »

Abandoned City

To be honest when it comes to Hauschka I can take it or leave it but there’s no denying the guy has come up with some mad decent stuff over the years and in terms of insight into the creative mind he can be a very helpful individual. The title ‘Abandoned City’ for example is used as metaphor to describe the inner tensio...view item »

Salon Des Amateurs Remix EP2

You have to wonder why everything has to be in a series. Phil reckons it goes all the way back to Pokemon. There’s a ‘collect the set’ mentality about a lot of remix projects of late and mostly they aren’t that great then they all get released on an album or as a b...view item »

Hauschka / Michael Mayer
Salon Des Amateurs Remix EP1

Got a 12” here with a couple of remixes of modern neoclassical ivory-tinkler Hauschka from techno types Ricardo Villalobos & Max Loderbauer and ...view item »


Hauschka is back, this time with a lovely little three-song 10” on Serein. On the first side we've got 'So Close', a succession of repetitive piano-led loops that begin glacial and gradually get more upbeat and slightly skittery as they go along. I'm not sure if he's playing all thi...view item »

Hauschka & Hildur Gudnadottir
Pan Tone

Woo. A new Sonic Pieces. Time to rejoice! As ever the first edition of these things come in hardback book sleeves which are handmade and numbered of 450. They're lovely and when you've got a bunch of 'em sat on your shelf they look nothing but classy. (**This is now sold out, we only have ...view item »

Salon Des Amateurs

I was about to go over to the CD player and switch this album on in order to provide you with the insightful review you need and have just realised the bloody thing has been playing for 10 minutes. As I succeed on a diet of malaise and pure hatred its no suprise that I've failed to be wooed by its presumably subtle depths. This is different in m...view item »


Hauschka are back with their latest twinkle tastic album on Fat Cat entitled 'Ferndorf'. Immediately I can hear bits of Yann Tiersen in there. In fact if you're familiar with the Goodbye Lenin soundtrack there's definitely some washes of that in here.Very moving neo-classical sounding gear with a bouncy cheeky feel to it... almost playful in fact. ...view item »

Foreign Landscapes

Anyone looking for a fix of modern classical music should know that Hauschka is reliable; a master of prepared piano who on 'Foreign Landscapes' has enlisted 12-piece ensemble the Magik*Magik Orchestra. He arranges their orchestrations around his piano and the result is as dramatic as you could expect adding support to the lonely piano tinklings...view item »

Prepared Piano

Hauschka is a man with a piano (a prepared piano). I don't really know what else to say about this one. It's not like Chas without Dave though.....oh no.  It's more classical sounding avant garde black and white key tomofoolery but it's rather satisfying on the old ears.  It is song based rather just being long winded pieces of...view item »

Various (Hauschka, Vashti Bunyan, Leyland Kirby, the Brodericks etc.)
Music & Migration

Here's a doozy for you! It's a 21 track compilation CD called Music & Migration and it's designed to bring to your attention the plight of the modern day bird as we scupper its existence by destroying forests and generally being all human and fucking things up everywhere like we do. We all love birds and from the roster (really had to stop myse...view item »

Small Pieces

Following up the blink and you missed it Peter Broderick 3" disc on Secret Furry Hole, they've only gone and released a similarly hand packaged limited edition and this time it's Fat Cat stalwart Hauschka with 'Small Pieces' which is aptly titled. What we have here are five perfectly formed pieces of Volker Bertelmann's modern classical piano ...view item »

Snowflakes And Carwrecks

I went to see Hauschka a while back in Leeds and I was really quite surprised by how much I enoyed him. Essentially a bloke with a piano so it doesn't read too exciting but then he's got a bag of tricks which he attaches to the piano and it changes the whole thing. There's bottle tops, ping pong balls, keys all sorts of shenanigans going on and the...view item »

Room To Expand

Fat Cat seem to have something out every week. Their office must be a right old hive of activity. This weeks release comes courtesy of HAUSCHKA (Karaoke Kalk / Ear Sugar Jukebox) with an album entitled 'Room To Expand. The piano is at the core of Hauschka's sound. At times the sound is dramatic at others p...view item »

What A Day

It seems like everything is being released as part of some series or other this week. The latest Earsugar Jukebox release by Hauschka is a charming little piano number. Really simple. Its not been messed around with and put through a chaotic grungelizer or anything. The beauty lies in the simplicity of it. Although I'm sure p...view item »

Hauschka, B Morgenstern, Various
Pingipung Plays the Piano

Donna Regina, Hauschka, Various
Kalk Seeds

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