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The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate

Detroit. Techno. Electro. Classic. All words that you could string together to form a coherent sentence and adequately describe this record; and nobody, I mean NO-BODY would blame you. James Stinson, with his musical partner Gerald Donald, made starkly beautiful and uncompromising music as Drexciya; and here Stinson was, on his own, crafting his own electronic masterpiece... 'The Opening Of The Cerebral Gate' by Transllusion was completed nearly 20 years ago as I write this; Stinson has since made the journey home to his underwater lair. We all originated in the oceans, of course, and this is a record which will bubble on forever, alongside the rest of the Drexciyan legacy. On Tresor.  


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Neptune's Lair

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Lab Rat XL
Mice Or Cyborg

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