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Phase Fatale
Scanning Backwards

The second full length from Phase Fatale comes via Ostgut Ton. Phase Fatale is Berlin-based American DJ and producer Hayden Payne. He is known for his innovative take on techno, which brings elements of industrial electronics to the party, and his sound design. Scanning Backwards is the follow up to 2017’s Redeemer, which was released on Hospital Productions.

Phase Fatale
Reverse Fall

In a way it’s surprising that Ostgut Ton have never released anything explicitly inspired by J. G. Ballard’s Crash, such is the label’s affinity for all things dark and doomyful. Still, better late than never. Reverse Fall is Phase Fatale’s debut release on the Berghain’s in-house imprint after graduating from its Unterton sub-label, and he nails both Ton and Ballard’s dystopian aesthetic first-time. Four wedges of foreboding and cinematic Berlin techno to write off a car to.
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Phase Fatale

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