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The Stroppies
Look Alive!

The Stroppies are another pop band from Australia who play easy to love guitar music with the haphazard feel of a lot of their forbearers. The band initially started as the duo of Angus Lord and Claudia Serfaty with the premise being to get their musical ideas down as fast as possible and even though they've expanded into a full band there is still an urgency and freshness about their lo-fi pop which recalls the more melodic end of the Flying Nun roster. 
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The Stroppies

Melbourne band The Stroppies are comprised of members of bands such as Twerps, Tyrannamen and Boomgates. Their sound recalls bands from the classic mid-’80s to mid-’90s era of the Flying Nun label such as The Clean and The Bats. Their new album is Whoosh. They are fronted by Gus Lord, a name with a certain je ne se quoi worth mentioning.  LP and CD on Tough Love.

The Stroppies
The Stroppies

Melbourne-based The Stroppies took inspiration from Guided By Voices and The Great Unwashed in getting ideas recorded as quickly as possible so they were never standing still creatively. Starting out as a three-piece, they added a drummer following their wish to create more than the limiting nature of keyboard drum beats would allow. Despite fleshing-out their sound, their lo-fi, DIY charm still remains intact. The Stroppies are comprised from members of bands such as The Stevens, Dick Diver and See/Saw. Self-titled mini-LP on Tough Love Records, limited to 300 copies.
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The Stroppies
It's A Hit!

Aussie band, The Stroppies, recorded the four songs on It’s A Hit in 2017. They were committed to tape in true lo-fi fashion using a Tascam four-track recorder. Whilst the lyrics offer a glance into a dystopian future, the music takes its cues from Swell Maps, Alex Chilton’s less accessible solo output and Loaded-era Velvet Underground.

The Stroppies
Maddest Moments / Architectural Charades

We very much enjoyed the economical song junk of The Stroppies when we last heard it, lovingly comparing it to all things Girlpool, GbV and New Zealand indie. They're back with two new songs for the most indie rock of things: a 7". These songs are thematically united under the theme of anxiety, extending hum-along empathy to those of us who live with it.