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Do You See The Falling Leaves?

Experimental Swedish quartet Broen are Bella Union's next big hope. Their debut 'I Love Art' was a very modern kind of record mixing jazz, psychedelia, hip-hop and everything in between into their great melting pot. They push that vision even further on this album on which they attempt to find new ways to connect with the listener. Indeed the title 'Do You See The Fallen Leaves' is said to reference whether we all see lonely people and can we offer friendship. Nice sentiment.   

I <3 Art

Norwegian indie pop group Broen’s second full length album is one of those that goes to show “indie-pop” can mean just about anything. The group, made up of members from acts such as Atomic, Mummu, and Your Headlights Are On fuse funk, jazz, twee pop and electronic experimental freedoms into such a joyful record. LP and CD on Bella Union.