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Beneath The Remains (Expanded Edition)

'Beneath The Remains' is considered as the greatest album from the influential Brazilian metal group. One of the first heavy metal exports from the South American country, Sepultura featured the brothers Max and Igor Cavalera, who are still making boundary-pushing music today and supporting loads of up and coming new talents. One of the heaviest albums at the time of 1989, the group took influence from the death metal genre to shape this thrash-terpiece.

Arise (Expanded Edition)

Brazilian metal band Sepultura originally released their fourth album, Arise, in 1991. It had the sound of a band really getting it together and was the album that multiplied their fan base. This expanded edition features the original album, gloriously remastered, with 28 previously unreleased tracks on the CD version. The Double LP version will have fewer additional tracks. On Rhino.

Roots (Expanded Edition)

After the tremendous success of Chaos A.D., this 1996 album saw Sepultura taking a further step away from their thrash metal, um, roots, with a groove-based approach that married traditional Brazilian rhythms and chants with contemporary nu-metal stylings. Guests included Mike Patton and members of Korn and Limp Bizkit. It’s a divisive but undeniably bold and influential album. This edition is remastered and expanded, with an extra disc of demos, instrumentals and live cuts.

Chaos A.D. (Expanded Edition)

Belo Horizonte in Brazil is famous for two things: England’s disastrous 2014 world cup campaign and Brazilian metal band Sepultura. It is the latter we’re here to talk about however, as their classic fifth album from 1993, Chaos A.D. is being reissued as a 2LP or 2CD set. It is remastered and features 17 bonus tracks including 9 face-melting live tracks and a memorable cover of Black Sabbath’s Symptom of the Universe. Essential metal.