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Willie Gibson
Saint Ex

Huntington-based modular synthesist and private aviator Willie Gibson creates an evocative aural homage to French writer (most famously of The Little Prince and Sand, Wind and Stars) and ill-fated aviator Saint Exupéry. Other than a bit of drumming and the voice of Emma Winston (Deerful), all sounds were made by modular synth.

Willie Gibson
Vivaldi: Seasons Change

Willie Gibson is an electronic music composer working in the wilds of Cambridgeshire. He spent a year recreating one of the most popular pieces of classical music - Vivaldi's Le Quattro Stagioni - using a modular synthesizer. Gibson transcribed each element of the score into MIDI, built each instrument sound from scratch and recorded the parts track by track as audio, re-patching the modular synth each time. Literally an unrepeatable process.In the spirit of earlier vintage/futuristic adaptations of classical music (e.g. Wendy Carlos) but also via Kraftwerk, modern chiptune and even the same robot seed that produced The Who's Baba O'Reilly, Gibson has given the mathematical beauty of these pieces a bright new makeover.