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Trupa Trupa
Of The Sun

Trupa Trupa beams are gonna blind me. Well, if the beams in question are coming Of The Sun I suppose you’d expect nothing less. This Polish quartet serve up big, reverb-drenched post-punk on their latest LP. The cavernous sound of tracks like ‘Remainder’ is somewhere on the sliding scale between mid-period Deerhunter and Protomartyr at their most bullish. Somewhere in the crowd there's you.
  • Vinyl LP (GBLP080)
  • CD (GBCD080)

Trupa Trupa
Jolly New Songs

Poland’s Trupa Trupa make psychedelic rock music that retains the genuinely weird edge that the genre mostly lost after the early years, though they also have the sheer direct punch of post-punk. Add in lyrics from frontman Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, an award-winning poet in Poland, and you’ve got quite a proposition. Jolly New Songs is joint-released by Blue Tapes and Ici d’ailleurs.
  • Vinyl LP (IDA136)
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