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Cafe Mor

A long-time side-project offshoot from Napalm Death but now a solo vehicle for Mick Harris, Scorn returns for the first time since 2010 and with a new album, Cafe Mor. Full of his trademark cavernous bass and deep explorations into dub, the record features a surprising collaboration with Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson! 


Previously known as the drummer for extreme metallers Napalm Death and later Scorn, Mick Harris has taken his brutal, uncompromising approach into his work under the Fret name too. This self-titled EP is his second for L.I.E.S. Four tracks of crushing industrial techno with brief tranquil moments, but not too many.


Mick Harris hasn’t recorded under the Scorn moniker for 7 long years. The heavy bass/dub/delay pioneer is now back with some incredibly deep and dark tones on the, perhaps confusingly titled, Feather EP. The darkness on offer here harks back to the early days of Scorn - a time when music like this was just for those in the know.

Salford Priors + Versions

Fret is of course Mick Harris, the relentlessly productive heaviness-maestro behind Napalm Death, Painkiller, Scorn… and now this. Salford Priors + Versions presents five different assaults on the track Salford Priors, put forward by Harris himself, Monster X, Stormfield, and Monster X and Stormfield together. Serious stuff mate.

Silent Neighbour EP

Pure carnage from Mick Harris (Scorn / Lull / Monrella / Napalm Death / Quoit / The Weakener etc.) on this 4-track EP from Ron Morelli's esteemed L.I.E.S. label. Mr Harris recently revived his Fret Alias for a devastatingly heavy and ice cold album on Karlrecords. If you've experienced the sheer joy of being pummeled by that record, or indeed one of his breathtaking live performances then here's some more. Broken industrial beats and bone-chilling, brilliantly realised soundscapes all executed in his unmistakable, signature style. The lord of dark and heavy music is once again in fine form. 

Monrella (aka Mick Harris)
Process & Report EP

Over Depth

To say that the legendary Mick Harris (Lull, Quoit, The Weakener, Monrella, Painkiller, Napalm Death etc.) is back with a bang after Scorn takes a well deserved kip would be an understatement. Prior to 'Over Depth' there was a single Fret 12" released in 1995 on a Downwards offshoot label, and then nothing. Now he returns to the alias, full-force with ten killer tracks of explosive, skull-rattling, cavernous, beyond heavy electronic music that proves he's not lost his mojo, and then some.