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The Livelong Day

Dublin's Lankum have been gaining quite a following blend traditional Irish folk music with more modern day drone, post rock and psychedelia. So much so that big hitters Rough Trade have stepped in to release their new album the Lifelong Day. They use harmoniums and Uilleann pipes to create beautifully heavy soundscapes with an emotional heart at the core. Very affecting music that could help soothe us in these troubled times. 
  • Vinyl Double LP (RT0098LP)
  • CD (RT0098CD)

Between The Earth And The Sky

Lankum are an Irish band who perform with the full weight of their country’s phenomenal folk tradition upon their shoulders. The four members all sing (in wonderful harmony), and also man a collection of old instruments, from the fiddle to the accordion to the uilleann pipes. Traditional songs are reborn with new approaches in Lankum’s hands.
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