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Waveform Transmission Vinyl, CD & tapes by Waveform Transmission at Norman Records

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Rod Modell is back in his long-running Deepchord guise with a long-awaited solo LP on Astral Industries. 'Immersions' comprises two beautiful, expansive long-form pieces, each adorning a side of the record. It's that wonderfully emotional, elegiac sound we're accustomed to: sparkling and elegant techno textures which wind and wend their way through deep caverns of dub. Submerged sounds that happily bubble to the surface. Also, just look at that sleeve art; another classic from the house of Astral Industries.
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  • Waveform Transmission

Rod Modell
Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness

Rod Modell, who as DeepChord has been responsible for a colossal amount of quality dub techno over the years, here presents a book of photography for the first time. Dawn, Dusk, and Darkness contains personal photographs of Barcelona, and is accompanied by a CD of Barcelona field recordings and related audio moods by Modell. Book with CD on 13/Silentes.


Deepchord really allows himself to expand his sounds here on this double-length LP, surely a perfect format for a producer with such a woozy, immersive ambient approach to dub techno. Auratones’ twelve tracks create a positive space for the listener to dance and / or dream in. Released as a 2LP on the Soma label.
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  • Waveform Transmission

Waveform Transmission (Rod Modell & Chris Troy)
V 2.0-2.9

The always fabulous Astral Industries label present the first new material in 22 years from Rod Modell (DeepChord, cv313) and the elusive Chris Troy as Waveform Transmissions. Their previous album of drifting, droning ambient came via Italy's Silent label in 1996, and then, nothing... 'V 2.0-2.9' is comprised of four eighteen minute cuts of serene ambient bliss, each luxuriously spread across a full side of vinyl. Housed in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve with artwork by Theo Ellsworth.
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  • Waveform Transmission