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Lina Tullgren
Free Cell

A significant expansion on the aesthetics of her ambitious 2017 debut album Won, Lina Tullgren could win a much bigger fanbase with her sophomore effort Free Cell. Dynamic and tense, while retaining the elements of introversion and reflection that made her debut so acclaimed, Captured Tracks have got themselves another real diamond. 

Lina Tullgren

Captured Tracks have unearthed yet another quietly impressive singer-songwriter in the form of Maine resident Lina Tullgren. There are shades of Joanna Gruesome, Ought and Colleen Green across Won as Tullgren turns in a record of well-groomed, vaguely grungy American indie. Whether climbing for falsetto or down into the lower reaches of her range, Tullgren’s voice maintains a coy neutrality that only serves to make her songs more intriguing.
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