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Rod Modell is back in his long-running Deepchord guise with a long-awaited solo LP on Astral Industries. 'Immersions' comprises two beautiful, expansive long-form pieces, each adorning a side of the record. It's that wonderfully emotional, elegiac sound we're accustomed to: sparkling and elegant techno textures which wind and wend their way through deep caverns of dub. Submerged sounds that happily bubble to the surface. Also, just look at that sleeve art; another classic from the house of Astral Industries.

Analogue Oceans

So you've just arrived back home from an epic night clubbing, limbs aching, heart pounding, with sweat drenched clothes you stagger home on the night bus while tucking into doner meat and chips, the thumping 4/4 beats still ringing in your ears and the disco biscuit in your blood stream is a long way from coming down so what you really need are some soothing beats and warm drones to help you drift into slumber, cv313 is just what the doctor ordered, let the ambient bliss of echospace drench you it's gentle embrace and float off down the flowing dream stream into sleepy land.......zzzzzzzzzz

Beyond Dreams [Analog Passages]

They've released as many records as I've started save files on Pokemon Blue, and still Rod Modell and Stephen Hitchell graft. Yet another entry into their cv313 series sees them create longform "analog passages" that are likely immersive, blissful and ethereal, all staple vibes of their dub techno aesthetic. This one should tide you over 'til next week.

Ancient Lights

Rod Modell AKA Deepchord (see also  Echospace, Waveform Transmissions, Transformations) has hooked up with the two blokes from Detroit’s nospectacle, Chris McNamara and Walter Wasacz to become Shorelights to make some ambient techno. Amber Lights is a passionate exploration of space, body and mind. Limited edition double 12” on Subwax bcn.

Summer Cottage Landscapes

Rod Modell, (DeepChord cv313) Walter Wasacz and Chris McNamara invite us to recline and melt to their sublime and thoroughly tranquil piece 'Summer Cottage Landscapes'. A quadrophonic recording, clocking in at just over an hour, the soundscapes incorporate the late Michal Mantra's field recordings, adding an organic dynamic to this masterful ambient work.