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Flat Worms

Flat Worms return with their third album in around four years, and on Antarctica, the group’s already punishing sound continues to get harsher and more brutal. Recorded in just six days with the help of Ty Segall and Steve Albini, it seeks to provide bleak yet darkly humorous commentary upon the state of the world today. 

Flat Worms
Into The Iris

Flat Worms are an LA band who move in those vivid psychy circles surrounding Thee Oh Sees (the last Flat Worms album came out on John Dwyer’s Castle Face label) and Ty Segall (he recorded Into The Iris, in his house no less). That means they deliver high levels of energy and lots of fuzzy fun! This little EP is released by God?

Night Shop
In The Break

You’ll know Justin Sullivan better as a drummer - he’s best known for being a tub-thumper for Kevin Morby’s various endeavours - but sometimes he likes to put himself centre-stage. In The Break, the debut LP from his Night Shop project, demonstrates that Morby isn’t the only good songwriter in his immediate circle. Sullivan’s breezy indie-rock ditties are reminiscent of Jonathan Richman.

Flat Worms
Flat Worms

Flat Worms are the latest band of guitar-driven party noisemakers to be circulated by John Dwyer’s Castle Face label, and they’ve just delivered their debut full-length album. Flat Worms is gorgeously gnarly, with guitars riffing on the point of feedback and a high-powered rhythm section whipping everything into a frenzy. Good fun.