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Hanged Up

Even back in the early days when Constellation were exclusively releasing weirdo-rock like Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Fly Pan Am, Montreal duo Hangedup were pretty out there. The duo’s eponymous debut LP (2001) is largely wrought from viola and drums, with some homemade instruments and the occasional throb of bass thrown into the mix on occasion. This unique record remains pretty much unclassifiable almost two decades on from its release, but Boredoms, The Ex and O Yuki Conjugate would be good ways into Hangedup.

Tony Conrad + Hangedup / Kanada 70 / Pacha
Musique Fragile Vol. 02

Constellation Records (Tindersticks, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) with something of a lucky dip here. Musique Fragile Vol. 02 brings together a pretty disparate collection of artists. Included is a self-titled collaborative record from experimental rockers Hangedup and experimental … man Tony Conrad, a set of super-leftfield hip-hop beats from Kanada 70 (think Dabrye but, like, waaaaay weirder), and Affaires étrangères, which is an Arabesque post-rock opus from Pacha. It’s all over the place, but somehow Musique Fragile Vol. 02 just works.