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Angelo De Augustine

We absolutely loved Angelo De Augustine's Swim Inside the Moon LP here at the towers and so are exited to hear this follow up in which label boss and all round quiet genius  Sufjan Stevens guests. De Augustine's sound in fact isn't that far away from Steven's hushed balladry,lots of creaking acoustic guitars, quiet pianos and mournful songs of heartbreak. You know the score.  

Angelo De Augustine
Swim Inside The Moon

Swim Inside The Moon is the new album from Thousand Oaks, California resident Angelo De Augustine. Just 24 years of age, the suburban singer-songwriter has made a deftly subtle, imperiously confident, sparsely instrumented record. It includes his mum’s century-old piano, a synth and a guitar; laid down straight to an old reel-to-reel tape machine. Notable influences: Nick Drake, Elliott Smith and Vashti Bunyan.