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Hammock Vinyl, CD & tapes by Hammock at Norman Records

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Nashville instrumental duo Hammock are nearing fifteen years in the game. Here’s the second instalment in their planned trilogy of albums (the first was 2017’s Mysterium). They occupy an airy space between post-rock, slowcore, ambient and modern classical (aka ambient cello); sounds like Ólafur Arnalds covering Mono’s quiet bits. Titles include ‘Tether of Yearning’, ‘Scattering Light’ and ‘We Watched You Disappear’. Top post-rock titles there.


Nashville, Tennessee’s Hammock returns. Mysterium is the duo’s eighth and latest album. The record serves as memorial to Clark Kern, son-like figure to Hammock, who died in 2016. An hour-long album of modern classical flavours, contemplative ambient and choral music from the Budapest Art Choir. For fans of Richter and Johannsson. 2LP + CD in gatefold on Hammock Music, insert with art by Pete Schulte.

Everything and Nothing

Hammock return with another swathe of epic music derived from shoegaze and post-rock. Everything And Nothing manages to achieve that crucial shoegaze trick wherein dual vocals and several layers of guitars all start to go blurry at the edges and become one unified sound. This, their first album since 2013, is released on their own Hammock Music.

The Sleepover Series, Volume Two

Hammock are an instrumental/post-rock band usually toiling in the same fields of twinkling guitar abandon as Explosions In The Sky and early This Will Destroy You. 'The Sleepover Series' gives way to their more ambient inclinations, with droning soundscapes that recall Stars of the Lid and aim to treat insomnia. On 'Volume 2', Hammock concentrate on giving the sounds a reasonable amount of space and pay no attention to traceable melodies. Thank you and goodnight.