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Tony Buck & Massimo Pupillo
Time Being

Tony Buck and Massimo Pupillo come from fairly different corners of the free-improvised music world, with Buck’s group The Necks famed for their tranquil ecstacy and Pupillo’s group Zu known for their metallic brutality. This duo record finds them carving out some new territory of their own, with ambience, noise and electronics coalescing into some pretty vivid scenes. Time Being is released by Trost.

The Necks

You know how the Necks do. Wake up. Get the coffee on. Simultaneously improvise instrumental gold. Another day. The wonderful and surprisingly dense Unfold was their last record and it came out on LP; now in typical Necks fashion they're releasing a CD only called Body, relying on the usual and ever-so trusty combination of piano, bass and drums -- though percussionist Tony Buck is said to really go out on a limb with some guitar excursions on this one. 

Tony Buck

It's been fifteen long years since we last heard solo work from Tony Buck. Having spent a long time working as the clairvoyant drummer in improvisational noise trio the Necks, it may be a surprise to many that he has strong compositional chops. The appropriately titled Unearth reveals his secret musical language through use of found sound, electronics and even guitars, offering another sporadic slab of Necks-related ambience. Fans of Buck's colleague Chris Abrahams and his recent room40 record would be wise to investigate.