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Tapes 2

‘Tapes 2’ takes us on a dive into the soundtrack archive of Dutch experimental filmmaker Frans Zwartjes. His work dates back to 1968 and is made using a range of synths and keyboards. The sounds he creates are discordant, frightening, dreamy, and rather odd and have been mixed together on this LP as two side-long pieces.  
  • Vinyl LP (JBH083LP)
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  • Limited edition

Tapes 1

Trunk proudly add this gem to their catalogue of the weird, wonderful and experimental. Tapes 1 is a direct recording from the original archived tapes of experimental underground Dutch film director Frans Zwartjes, who improvised his bizarre soundtracks utilising synthesizers, voice and found sound. Only a very small amount of his audio has been released before on very limited cassettes, these are on vinyl for the first time.