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Call Super and Parris

DJ and Producer Call Super (JR Seaton, Ondo Fudd) and Parris (Daryl Parris) team up for a 12” 'CANYOUFEELTHESUNONYOURBACK'. Both artists are described as ‘poetic’ so this collaboration should work well. It may also explain their weird press release, a story about a man whose first and last name are both brands of chisel who is supposedly a writer living in a run down house, his only pleasure in life is occasionally going outside for some sun. 

Kowton & Parris
Deep Concentration

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2 Vultures EP

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Your Kiss Is Sour EP

Bristolian producer Parris brings his dense and rhythmic electronic music to the Hemlock label. A regular on Keysound Recordings, for this vinyl 12” EP (excellently titled Your Kiss is Sour) he matches heavy dub-influenced basslines with forward-thinking percussion and a genre-bending approach.