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Art Feynman
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Art Feynman is better known I suppose as Luke Temple of once loved collective Here We Go Magic. On his second album under this moniker he continues to blend together Afro-pop, worldbeat and art-pop into a more mechanised version of his earlier pan-genre experiments. With drum machines and synths to the fore it could perhaps be compared to the  anything goes creativity of the likes of Arthur Russell and Francis Bebey.  
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Art Feynman
Blast Off Through The Wicker

It’s definitely the time of the decade for lo-fi, bedroom-recorded, four-track, hyphen-loaded psych-rock records, but we still think you should give Art Feynman’s debut album a spin. Loaded with afrobeats, harmonic ninths, and shredding guitar solos, Blast Off Through the Wicker basically sounds like Mac DeMarco and Ebo Taylor’s lovechild. Which is great.
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