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Street Sects
The Kicking Mule

Debut album, End Position showed influences such as Chrome and Nine Inch Nails. Street Sects, the Austin, Texas post-punk industrial screamers change gear for album number two, The Kicking Mule. Here, they use Roxy Music, Brian Eno and Bowie’s Berlin trilogy as inspiration for it’s follow up, The Kicking Mule. there’s still plenty of rattling industrialism, screaming and Nine Inch Nails-ness, though. LP and CD on The Flenser.

Street Sects
Rat Jacket

Prolific industrial punks Street Sects come through with four tracks of Gothic, portentous post-punk. Shades of Bauhaus, Nation of Ulysses and Metz colour Rat Jacket. The drummer manages to conjure the mental image of an approaching longboat throughout, while the vocalist quivers and rages with such intensity that you worry he might explode in the booth. Things apex with the brutalised seven-minute slog ‘In Prison, At Least I Had You’.

Street Sects
End Position

Austin, Texas based duo Street Sects release their debut full length on San Fransisco Dark and extreme metal label Flenser. Noise and industrial focused, and drum machine led punk that is incredibly abrasive it almost goes as far as Ildjarn at points. Once you stop wincing it’s pounding is cathartic. For fans of The Soft Pink Truth, Nine Inch Nails, early (more industrial) Marilyn Manson.