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House and Land
Across The Field

House and Land are a folk duo comprising of Sally Ann Morgan (Black Twig Pickers) and Sarah Louise, whose solo album Nighttime Birds and Morning Stars impressed critics upon its release in early 2019. Across The Field is the duo’s second album and mixes traditional folk with psychedelic folk making for a refreshing take on folk music.

Sarah Louise
Field Guide

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House and Land
House and Land

Sally Anne Morgan and Sarah Louise Henson join forces to create House and Land. Both women being multi-instrumentalists, they have a wide range of musical variety at their fingertips, with Sarah playing the 12-string guitar, shruti box, bouzouki and performing vocals, while Sally plays the fiddle, banjo, shruti box and also sings. These two women make a strong duo. Since their formation (which was not long ago) they've already toured around the U.S twice, with many featuring names. This self titled album heavily portrays their eclectic brilliance as a duo.