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Penelope Trappes
Eel Drip

Penelope Trappes is a singer and producer from Australia. Her music recalls the sound of the classic days of bands signed to the 4AD and Kranky labels. The title of her album, Eel Drip, is a reference to the Phantom Queen Morrigan - a mysterious figure from Irish mythology who is a goddess of war, destiny and fate.

Penelope Trappes
Penelope Redeux

After her album Penelope Two, Penelope Trappes asked a number of musicians if they fancied a go at the tracks. The result is the pun-ily titled Penelope Redeux. She's managed to get everyone from Mogwai to Cosey Fanni Tutti to Throwing Snow on board to tackle her dark and brooding electronic compositions. 

Penelope Trappes
Penelope Two

Penelope Two: the second solo album from Penelope Trappes (also of The Golden Filter and Priscilla Sharp). The Trappes sound is slick and noirish electronic shoegaze pop, all slow and cinematic. Trappes’ voice sets the tone with its cold cool: this album will likely do great things for Julee Cruise fans. Its released by Houndstooth.

Penelope Trappes
Carry Me

Run the Trappes! The Penelope Trappes, to be precise. Having released her acclaimed debut LP Penelope One on Optimo last year, Trappes is now hot-footing it over to Houndstooth for the follow-up. To tide people over before Penelope Two (seems she’s got a thing going there) Trappes is releasing this 7”. It contains album track ‘Carry Me’ and exclusive tune ‘I Can Hear You…’. The former is a mournful, syrup-slow ballad in the Grouper vein; the latter a Gothic Colin Newman tribute. Carry Me also comes with a CD on which Abul Mogard turns the title track into a reverberant drone.

Penelope Trappes
Penelope One

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