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Gultskra Artikler

Gultskra Artikler is the project of Alexey Devyanin, who intuitively blends all his favourite musical approaches together into one surprisingly coherent whole. So Industria has some unpredictable field recordings of natural processes like water droplets on metal later massively processed allowing the el...view item »

Gultskra Artikler
Destroy Music

Destroy Music isn’t just a fun title: for this tape release, Russian producer Gultskra Artikler takes samples of music he has been listening to and tears them down to shreds. Then he builds the scraps up into new forms, usually rendering the source material unidentifiable. Also notable for the hilarious tracklisti...view item »

Gultskra Artikler
Kristal EP

Synth, electronics and field recordings combine in a mesh of kosmiche wonder from Moscow-based Gultskra Artikler. Kristal EP builds into a galactic mass of squeaks and drones. It’d make you sick and queasy if it weren't so beautifully and lovingly crafted. Out on tape from Secret Furry Hole....view item »

Gultskra Artikler/ Lanterns

A lovely-looking LP on Other Electricities now, a split between Gultskra Artikler (whose side is called Berezka) and Lanterns (Monkey Lament). The former's side is a clangy old ambienty eerie dronish impovisathon that reminds me a little of The No-Neck Blues Band, it's like an abandoned building that's got a ghost running through it with a smoke ma...view item »

Gultskra Artikler / Arkhonia + Keswick Lemon
Ono Russia