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David Nance
Staunch Honey

David Nance is a singer and guitarist from Nebraska. 'Staunch Honey' is his fifth studio album, which has been perfected - in order to sound perfectly imperfect - over the last two years. The songs here range from the Stones-y, ramshackle country-blues of lead single 'When The Covers Come Off' to 'If The Truth Ever Shows Up', an instrumental wig-out with a six-minute guitar solo. 
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David Nance
Negative Boogie

David Nance is a veteran of a form of music that is described as 'warble and hiss'. This is compared in the press release as somewhere between Canned Heat, Pere Ubu and Swell Maps. Quite the combination then. It's a rhythmically potent form of wiry post-punk that is wild, vibrant and tuneful goddammit. Looking forward to this one. 

Simon Joyner & David Nance
Goats Head Soup

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