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Hello Land

Hello Land is the first of four planned self-released albums by Guillemots, and it is more of their trademark sound; ornate strings, elfin vocals (by Fyfe Dangerfield), quivery effects, and unexpected time signatures. The songs are largely free-form, making this something to be listened to as a whole, rather than a singles collection. There is n...view item »

Walk the River

Guillemots are eclectic, and perhaps the fact that they don't fit nicely into any single-minded category has kept them from being highly respected in the States. This is great songwriting, grand musicianship, pop-with-depth, ingenious lyrics, and moving, dramatic music. If you like Florence and the Machine, or spectacle music, or even Sia-like l...view item »

Trains to Brazil

First up is ebay favourites Guillemots. Now you'd have been forgiven for thinking their last single was good by the way it flew off the shelves. In fact it became a nice little earner for anyone who bought it as within weeks it was fetching £80 plus. Bonkers. After being mentally scarred by the Kenny G isms of the last single...view item »

We're Here

The Guillemots have signed to a big label (Polydor) and judging by their new single they're gonna be nicking Keane's throne from under them. They can go and sit on the floor while The Guillemots laugh and point their trampy fingers at them. Which, being the new boys on the block, i...view item »

Get Over It / This Is The Last Ride Tonight

Lordy Guillemots are back with a brand new single called 'Get Over It'. Whenever I think of this band I always remember the sign Clinton drew for us in the office which said 'Kill The Guillemots'. Well Clinton, sure it's time to get over it? Maybe you will with their new single? Probably not though.... They're less insipid than I remember them soun...view item »

Annie, Let's Not Wait

Swiftly moving onto the GUILLEMOTS new single called Annie, Let's Not Wait. Which apparently is a live favourite of theirs. This is more huge bombastic sounding indie pop which smells a bit of Deacon Blue and that kind of thing. Needless to say I really don't like this at all and if someone propositioned me and asked if I wanted to listen to this a...view item »

Of The Night (really ltd LIVE ep)

Brian's idea of a joke is pressing play on THE GUILLEMOTS 'Of The Night' EP turning it up really loud and then leaving the room. Well the joke has back-fired on him as he's just come back into the room and told me he actually likes the track 'She's Evil'. It's like Nine Inch Nails lite. Definitely the darker side of this schizo...view item »

From The Cliffs

Speaking of things which cost a miillion pounds... Fantastic Plastic have re-released the first 2 Guillemots singles on one handy compilation CD (called From The Cliffs) which includes a video and someone playing with lizards and sand on the sleeve. Now you can own the music which everyone has been banging on about for ages but ...view item »