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Summer Jam / Salavere

Opening with wubbing kitsch keys, 'Summer Jam' is the lo-fi and bright works of enigmatic producer Tapes. The sparse yet uplifting instrumental chugs along with its chirpy synths and 80s drum patterns. 'Salavere', the accompanying track on the 10", has darker vibes with help from mysterious synths and delayed hi-hats.

The Mail Coif
Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell

Be careful about googling that title because... everyone will think you're a massive nerd. Goblin Wizard Cauldron Spell is the debut release from Medieval Ditties Compendium (props for staying in character), by The Mail Coif who you may know as Tapes. Imagine if the bards of yore had access to the synths of... less yore. Very fun.

Tapes Vs Superstar & Star
Spirit World

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