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Liz Harris' music has been termed many things, and worn many different aesthetics, but it remains quintessentially her own. Having traversed a more traditional, deep-sinking drone with her looped guitar fragments on Cover The Windows and Walls ( more »

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The Man Who Died In His Boat

Originally released in 2013, this album was recorded by Liz Harris alongside her best-known work, Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill. It’s in the same stylistic ballpark - ethereal, heavily reverbed electric guitar and vocals with dark and mysterious undercurrents, sometimes swimming into clearer focus when Harris switches to ...view item »

Grid Of Points

Portland's Liz Harris AKA Grouper is one of only a few artists who consistently melts our collective hearts. Her 'Grid Of Points' album (like her previous record on Kranky, 'Ruins') is more stripped-back than her earlier work, with a greater emphasis on songwriting and delicate piano compositions. What was previously submerged in effects resonat...view item »


'Ruins' is the newest record by drone folk artist Grouper. Recorded in a house near a lost, deserted village in Portugal, under the usual reclusive conditions that Liz Harris writes music, the record is the closest her project has gotten to capturing actual songs, each performed on a piano and recorded immediately to a 4-track. 'Ruins'...view item »


This is a 2 x CD re-issue of Liz Harris 2010 two part album subtitled 'Dream Loss' and 'Alien Observer'. Now Grouper is one of those artists who has a very distinctive sound. She basically writes solemn hymn like compositions and slathers them in so much dusty detrius that the melodies get los...view item »

Grouper / Inca Ore

I really enjoyed Inca Ore's stuff the last time I heard it. Falling somewhere between the muffled ethereal murk of Grouper and the creeped-out witchy intonations of Fursaxa, her particular sonic world is grainy and spooked, the voice seeping out through ...view item »

Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill

Liz Harris’ 2008 album proved irresistible to many and is generally considered her defining release. A woozy fog of guitar and vocal, it’s simultaneously intoxicatingly beautiful, yet dark and unsettling. It’s been in and out of print over the years and often frustratingly unavailable, so here it is aga...view item »

Cover The Windows and The Walls

**THIRD and probably LAST VINYL PRESS HERE BRIFLY NOW!** Floating fuzzily into my lugs is a "new" album from Liz Harris AKA Grouper. Well, Root Strata have had two vinyl editions pressed up before but they've long gone now so here's a third pressing! I absolutely adore the way she blends the muddied sonic textures of distorted vocal trai...view item »

Grouper / Pumice

An astonishing amount of gear has arrived from the US, among the joys is a sweet split 7" from Grouper/Pumice. The Grouper track 'Rising Height' is sublime. It has a very intimate atmosphere and is ghostly as hell, like proper haunting. Liz Harris' vocals are eerie to say the least but they just ooze pure emotion. This is a beautiful track. Th...view item »

Grouper and Inca Ore

'Like Enya but good' is my description of Grouper before I've heard a note. Really all reviews should be done this way, just on a vague notion conjured up by the name and the artwork.. Thing is, having listened to this split with Inca Ore I don't think it's a million miles away. Ethereal vocals and plaintive piano backings bring to mind pictures of...view item »


Here's a 7" by Grouper on Type called Tried. The album didn't do masses for me but I thought I'd give this 7" a go. Initially I'm taken aback by the sound of it. It sounds like it's been recorded in a shed, underwater, at the end of someones garden, and the microphone is in a different street. But underneath the fuzzyness and density ther...view item »


Here's my review for the 1st press. It still stands...... Here's another album by that underwater space alien Liz Harris otherwise known as Grouper. Actually I think this is her 2nd album proper as it came out in between the 2 Type LP's. We've only just got it though! Wide is a lush album which is very Grouper sounding.... She has a very magic...view item »

Way Their Crept

Mingus Rude's weekly round up begins with a debut album from Liz Harris aka GROUPER on the highly respected Type label; for fans of the recent Panda Bear long player. Maybe not as 'summertime' sounding as the Brian Wilson comparisons of the Animal Collective members efforts. Treated vocals are...view item »