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Spectac, Ambulance, Rod, Various

Bloody hell. 11 track jobbie on quality Irish imprint Frontend Synthetics ft. Spectac, Ambulance, Rod, Dave Nuremberg, Mike Morris, Neanderthal Chum, The Last Sound & Burning Pig. Yes that's Burning Pig. Burning Neanderthal Nuremberg Chum Pig would be even better if you ask me. All these people are probably a sma...view item »


A few things here on a label called Front End Synthetics. Two releases by Ambulance (of Planet Mu fame). This has some original tracks plus remixes from Max Tundra, Decal and Spectac. Good wibbly wobbly electronica - some quite odd and surely undanceable rhythms  - probably ...view item »

Antiques Roadshow

Planet Mu new 7" by Ambulance in now called Aniques Roadshow. Not sure what's going on here. It's jerky itty bitty electronica. Mighty odd is the only way I can describe it. It's damned interesting though and well worth checking out....view item »

The Curse Of Vale Do Lobo

First up we have here Ambulance, with their debut album on Planet Mu. This is decent electronic music. Lots of bleeps, lots of bloops. Squeaky bits, scary bits (like 'Bladerunner' says Fats). Will appeal to all Planet Mu regulars. The Curse of Vale Do Lobo is CD only...view item »

Witchi Tai To

Ambulance have a new 12" out on Sea Records. Firstly the cover is fantastic with loads of bits of people and animals all over it. Well nice looking.... The A side is a cover of 'Wichti Tai To' by Jim Pepper. Who he? God knows.... This is a 60's style mantra with the same lyrics repeated over and over again but produc...view item »

Ambulance, Decal, Spectac, Various
Synthetic Allsorts

Finally there's a Various Artists Front End Synthetics thing which features tracks from Mr Deasy, Wobbly, Ambulance, Spectac, Americhord, Decal and the God - like genius of Rod (remember their track on the Cottage Industries comp? By gum I do!!) Synthetic Allsorts is on 2LP and CD...view item »

Ambulance & Da Paramedics

Bright Eyes, Ambulance, Son
Oh Holy Fools