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Pinky Pinky
Turkey Dinner

LA indie rock three-piece Pinky Pinky have a name that sounds cute but it’s origins are actually rather more sinister: it’s the name of mythical South African monster used to scare young girls into not wearing pink. Turkey Dinner is their debut album. Two previous EPs and relentless touring have earned them fans in high places: Dave Grohl, Brian Bell (Weezer) and Albert Hammond Jr.

Pinky Pinky
Hot Tears / Pinky Pinky

Fresh outta high school, LA all-girl rock three-piece Pinky Pinky impressed the likes of Dave Grohl, Weezer and The Strokes with their RSD 2017 release. Riding high on wave of satisfaction and acceptance from alt. rock royalty they tear into 2018 with their new double cassette EP, Hot Tears/Pinky Pinky.

Pinky Pinky
Pinky Pinky EP

If there's one place to thrive as a musician, it's LA. This proggy three-piece seem to have embraced the West Coast environment with their self-titled, and not plinky plonky, Pinky Pinky EP. If nothing else, this four-track offering - co-produced by Hanni El Khatib and Johnny Bell - is an assured slab of teenage exploration.