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Andrew Combs
Ideal Man

Andrew Combs’ latest album Ideal Man sees him make a slight change in tack. Recorded in live takes with the help of producer Sam Cohen, the acoustic guitars which he’s known for are largely set aside in favour of synthesisers. Despite the change in instrumentation, the album is his rawest sounding yet.

Andrew Combs
Worried Man

First vinyl pressing of Andrew Combs' 2012 album Worried Man (those pressing plant waiting lists are getting ridiculous). Combs is a committed blues and folk troubadour who very likely lists a certain Bob Dylan at the top of his biggest influences. He's warms of voice and vivid of lyric, and knows exactly when to turn the instrumentation up to thrilling. 

Andrew Combs
5 Covers & A Song

This new EP from Nashville singer-songwriter Andrew Combs does what it says on the tin. 5 Covers - of tracks by The Strokes, Radiohead, Lucinda Williams and more - pave the way for an original to close the record out. Stylistically the music is a nice blend of Brian Ferry and Swordfishtrombones-era Tom Waits.

Andrew Combs
Canyons Of My Mind

Described as ‘a landscape where the personal & the pastoral converge’, Canyons Of My Mind is the latest release from Andrew Combs. A little bit sad and a little bit spiritual, this eleven-track album brings together country and folk, with soothing vocals dipped in alternative-rock. Available on Vinyl LP and CD.