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Dope feat. Fuck Authority
666 / 1381

Of course Julian Cope has a band that’s just called Dope… Here, this outfit is joined by Fuck Authority, in order to get extra massive in these two side-long psyched-up epics. Titled 666 and 1381 (the devil’s number and the year of Wat Tyler’s peasant’s rebellion, nice), these two slabs add up to some serious high-action weight. 10” on Environmental Studies.

Odin On Acid

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The Teardrop Explodes

Julian Cope is now known as one of English alternative music’s most distinctive auteurs, but his story began with the Liverpudlian band The Teardrop Explodes. This is a heavyweight vinyl re-issue of their 1980 debut album Kilimanjaro, which housed many of their best-known songs, including UK Top Ten hit ‘Reward’. 

The Teardrop Explodes

The glittering but short-lived career of The Teardrop Explodes came to an end with 1981’s Wilder, only the second album completed by Julian Cope and co. before they disintegrated. More complex and moodier than its predecessor, reliant on loops and synths rather than guitars, it now gets a heavyweight vinyl re-issue. 

Dope feat. Julian Cope
The Dee Dee Ramone Story

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Dope (Julian Cope)
Maxi 12

Dope is a new band from Julian Cope (it would be with a name like that wouldn’t it?), dedicated to that wild wild psych sound. Dubby-electronicsy-world-rock-guitar hybrid music, featuring a song actually called ‘Drugs 7”’. Oh Julian. This debut statement from the group is presented as a Maxi-Single, though it is the length of a short album. Vinyl release on Environmental Studies.