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Badmanboogie / Killdemsound

‘Badmanboogie’ and ‘Killdemsound’ is the latest 7” single release from Canadian collective Seekersinternational. The two new tracks are compressed, futuristic dancehall delights, which are in keeping with the group’s long-standing reputation that goes all the way back to the mid-Nineties!

Paradise Magic Traxx

Berceuse Heroique sub-label Ancient Monarchy drop an EP of post-club sampledelia by SKRS. There’s plenty going on stylistically across Paradise Magic Traxx - juke, Dilla-style hip-hop, lo-fi house, dub and dancehall are just a few of the influences that consistently rear their heads. In aesthetic more than sound it references the faded rave memories of Zomby and Actress. File next to Hype Williams.
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Seekers International
RunComeTest! EP

A hazy pairing of stripped back but snazzy dub jams with contemporary touches adding atmosphere and abstraction. The deep bass and subtle beats are augmented with space echoed voices, pulsing keys and pad textures. Singular stuff from a unique collaborative force, brought from obscurity into the light.


Mixtape originally released on only 80 cassettes now gets a proper vinyl release from Sneaker Social Club and Disktopia. Canadian producer and crate digger brings a chaotic mix of dubs and ragga jungle where elements are so smashed together you can’t tell if it’s a transition or a drop, but it’s filled with pure dancehall soul.


SKRS, who you might also know as Seekers International, have a new set of potent dub heavyweights for the populace to enjoy. Her.Imperial.Majesty will be very pleasing to fans of the more minimal and abstract ends of the dub genre. Limited edition LP in a fetching sleeve on the Boomarm Nation label, packed with a download code.