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New Dreams

During my pre-description warm up I was taking a guess as to how JFDR would be pronounced. I guessed 'jaffadur' but I'm a million miles wrong as it is actually Yo-Frida. Of course! Silly me. This is the second album from the Icelandic singer and the press release comes up with several adjectives to describe its contents including heartbreak, beauty, innocence, love. loneliness and sausages. Of which one is completely made up. Your guess.  
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JFDR is a young and inventive Icelandic musician with a fair bit of experience in acts like Pascal Pinon and Gangly. For her solo debut she worked with Shazad Ismaily (and, on one track, Greg Fox) to create a record of eclectically textured songwriting that veers from minimal passages to elaborately fractured percussion.. Brazil is released by the White Sun label.