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Gregg Kowalsky Vinyl, CD & tapes from Norman Records

Gregg Kowalsky
L'Orange L'Orange

Well, this is nice. Oh, You’re probably expecting a little more than that… I’m sorry but I’m suddenly overcome by the waves of sheer ambient bliss washing over me after yet another in a long line of industrious yet instructive days here at the Towers. Not wanting to adjectivally short-change you, this record from Gregg K...view item »

Gregg Kowalsky
Tape Chants

Gregg Kowalsky has a new CD out on Kranky. It's his 2nd for the label (I think) and from what I remember it doesn't sound massively different to his previous album. Well I can't remember exactly what his previous album was like but I'm basing it on reading my excellently informative review for it where I described it as 'sleepy bobo music'. Tape Ch...view item »