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Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel
I'll Stick Around

Recent records from both Ben Vince and Jacob Samuel have found the pair experimenting with electronics and whatnot, but this new collaborative LP I’ll Stick Around sees them getting back to basics. 'Basics' for this saxophonist and pianist still count as an expansive free composition-style that combines classic avant-jazz stylings with post-minimalism and the cerebral expanses of discrete music, but you get what we mean - they’re using wood-and-metal instruments again rather than bleep-bloop toys.

Ben Vince
Don’t Give Your Life

Ben Vince has many strings to his bow (reeds to his saxophone...?). He is a saxophonist, improviser, producer, you name it. Returning with his second solo LP 'Don't Give Your Life', you can expect sax experimentation that bridges the gap between Terry Riley and Gilbert Artman. Double elpee on Thirty Three Thirty Three.
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Ben Vince

Very obviously a saxophonist, Ben Vince readies a new record on the wonderful Where To Now? label. Uh. Hell yeah? Assimilation he treads further afield than the usual minimalist focus, collaborating with a bunch of artists who love him to give his sax wild different hues and contexts. Playing solo is one thing; playing with Micachu, Rupert Clervaux and Valentina Magaletti is another. Vince is making a name for himself and he already has a pretty good one and it's Ben.

Joy O & Ben Vince
Transition 2 / Systems Align

Collaboration klaxon! Longtime pals Joy O and saxophonist Ben Vince join forces for this searing release via Hessle Audio, a two-track record documenting the pair's joint studio sessions. Expect a rollicking exploration of tone, texture and banging rhythm, within an electrified dance-floor-ready framework.

Ben Vince

Follow up album to his hugely limited cassette debut The Purge in 2016, London based multi-instrumentalist and improviser Ben Vince is especially adept with the saxophone. Working with loose improvisation but with a progressive drive, Monuments doesn’t stick in a loop builds and develops in front of you with stunning drones and bass tones that’ll make your heart melt.