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Greg Davis

Home Normal are churning them out at the moment. It feel like they have something out every week! I could be wrong, perhaps my perception of time has been altered. I blame Greg Davis and his 'Midpoint' CD. This guy's stuff has a strange effect on me. The disc comprises two tracks. The first is a mixdown from a live quadraphonic performance where he...view item »

Chris Weisman & Greg Davis
Northern Songs

Home Normal presents an album constructed by the gents known as Greg Davis & Chris Weismann. I should put their names in the order they appear on the CD but they fell out of my head in that order so that's what yer get. If you want to argue the toss, i'll see you outside in 5 minutes. Just gotta do this review. This is quite lovely stuff, unty...view item »

Greg Davis
Regarding Wave

You know I'm really just gonna totally recommend both CD's out on Install this week. I love them both and like kids I cant say I love one more than the other... What I love about this Greg Davis disc is how it's subtlety psychedelic. Greg really makes the harmonic drones sing here with infinite shimmering chimes mapping out a vivid and gorgeous ...view item »

Celer Greg Davis, Hakobune etc
Tobira Compilation Vol 1

Excellent compilation cassette here with a most impressive line-up that includes Greg Davis, Nobuto Suda, Sean McCan, Ieva, Hakobune, Celer (three tracks), David ...view item »

Greg Davis & Sebastien Roux

This one is new to us. Not had it before but it starts off with a minute or so of white noise which proper woke me up then. Now the cobwebs have been shaken off I can get into this fucker properly. This veers from the electroacoustic (again I know....) side of things with lots of strange electronics wedged here and there. Occasionally you'll get...view item »

Greg Davis
Mutually Arising

Greg Davis' 'Mutually Arising' upset our Business Lady earlier on. You know women, they're not as thick skinned (or eared) as blokes and don't quite know how to respond patiently to minimal drone epics with little fluctuation in tone or texture. She was packing away, our teeny office sweetheart, her sweaty brow furrowing increasingly in depth as Mr...view item »

Greg Davis/ Of
Divorce Series 5

The Ache Records Divorce split 7" series continues this week with number 5. This one is by OF and GREG DAVIS. Greg Davis' contribution 'Fennel & Tangerine' is a magical combination of what sounds like a harp, acoustic guitar, and field recordings of birds and water. Of's 'Ferns Will Crumbl...view item »

Greg Davis & Jeph Jerman

A complete change of direction now with 'Ku' The latest work from GREG DAVIES & JEPH JERMAN. The 3 tracks are simply titled 'First Strata', 'Second Strata', 'Third Strata'. The first is all static sounding with liquid sounds and strange movements of what sound like ceramic being scraped with metal. It's dead weird and I can't work ...view item »

Keith Fullerton Whitman / Greg Davis

Keith Fullerton Whitman and Greg Davis have sat together in a room/ studio and made an album together. It's on Car Park records and these 2 veritable behemoths of the garde de la avant have made a very difficult record indeed to listen to. If you like frequencies and wierd noises then this triumph of the awkward is for you....view item »

Greg Davis
Curling Pond Woods

Greg Davis is a man with a beard who makes laptop folk pop on Carpark Records of New Yoik City. Its all twirling sampled acoustic guitars and glockenspiels. There's a bit of Fennez and Jim O'Rourke (in experimental mode) in this....view item »