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Black Merlin

Die Orakel (Upsammy, Roman Flügel) with an EP of frosty techno here. In fact, Black Merlin’s Kode isn’t really techno at all, more a series of spooky modular loops that cast but a cursory glance at the dancefloor. It’s eerie and oddly compelling stuff - think Hieroglyphic Being, Dolo Percussion and Thomas Fehlmann.

Black Merlin

The adventurous George Thompson released Kosua as Black Merlin earlier this year. The album blends Thompson’s Papua New Guinea field recordings with industrial ambience and drones, resulting in sinister-sounding exotica. His new EP Void for Berceuse Heroique exchanges exotica for chilly vintage machinery, with minimal throbs, heavily ‘verbed drones and the occasional twinkly arpeggio.  

Black Merlin

Electronic artist Black Merlin is a guy who usually goes by the far more normal name of George Thompson. Kousa is his second album and sees him completely immersing himself in the life and culture of Papua New Guinea. This obsession came about following his first album Hipnotik Tradisi as he wanted to find somewhere unspoilt by western ways. Double LP on Island Of The Gods.

Spectral Empire
Iron Muscle

Iron Muscle by Spectral Empire comes across like a lost soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi movie from the ‘80s. Dark, spooky synths interlaced with demonic electronic stabs and dramatic, tension-building beats. The duo are made up of George Thompson from Black Merlin and Kyle Martin from Vactrol Park. 180g vinyl 12” EP on Malka Tuti.
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Black Merlin
Oba Enka

George Thompson is the man behind the mysterious Black Merlin project if you didn't know; mystique somewhat vaporised. Here he is for his first EP on Mannequin records, and it's a three-track thumper. Bringing the Noir to techno and the voodoo to the dance-floor once again, some manic bass-lines with unrepentant drones and pummelling kick-drums enter the fray, to slay. Great. 

Black Merlin
Proto World EP

Continuing the string of leftfield dance 12”s issued on Berceuse Heroique, Black Merlin’s beat-pointed soundscapes guide listeners into distant, yet commanding realms, switching worlds between tracks, yet always on the side of atmospheric unease. Four tracks of hypnotic material to transport and transfix.

Black Merlin
Hipnotik Tradisi

Black Merlin travelled Bali and the other islands nearby in order to procure quality sounds from local gamelan and bamboo musicians, and field recordings of the the natural atmospheres. Hipnotik Tradisi is what those sounds ended up becoming after being put through Black Merlin’s studio re-processing and re-layering magic: something very different, but imbued with the atmosphere of place. Double LP on Island Of The Gods.