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Joost Dijkema
Time Thief

Joost Dijkema hails from Groningen, way up in the north of the Netherlands. It is a city with a bit of musical heritage due to the classic venue Vera, where many famous indie and alternative acts have made live recordings. Joost is talented guitar picker. His new album, Time Thief, contains instrumentals where he displays his virtuosity and songs where his warm vocal tones shine.

Joost Dijkema
Sacred Revelations

A fingerpicker in the vein of Townes van Zandt and Neil Young, Groningen’s Joost Dijkema comes through with an album of dense folk ditties that veer from rambunctious to contemplative without ever losing the propulsive energy of his nimble guitar playing. Though drums, vocals and electric guitars occasionally enter the fray, this is largely a record that rests on his technical prowess and ability to craft woozy, shimmering soundscapes from six strings.