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Aquarian Blood
A Love That Leads To War

Aquarian Blood are led by husband and wife duo J.B. Horrell (Ex-Cult) and Laurel Horrell (NOTS). Following their chaotic punk debut as a six-piece band, Last Night In Paradise, the band have been paired back to a four-piece and bring a new sound for new album, A Love That Leads To War. Here, the band make sounds that mix ‘60s psych, the Shimmy Disc label and Damon and Naomi. 

Aquarian Blood
Last Nite In Paradise

Aquarian Blood are a band built around the husband and wife duo of Laurel Ferdon and JB Horrell, both of whom have played in a bunch of bands. When the other members of the group are added in, I imagine the whole of the Memphis weird-punk underground is represented in one way or another. Last Nite In Paradise is the debut full-length of this blasted outfit: quality madness music played at high speed. On Goner Records.
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