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Minimal Compact
One + One By One

One + One By One features the first two releases by Israeli post-punk band Minimal Compact. One, a mini album, was originally released in 1981 and features the classic opening post-punk funk track Statik Dancin’. One by One, a full-length album followed in 1982 and saw the band expand to a four-piece with the addition of a full-time drummer. For fans of Joy Division, Gang of Four, A Certain Ratio etc.

Minimal Compact
Creation Is Perfect

Dutch post-punk band Minimal Compact formed in 1980 and were famed for their energy, unpredictability and intensity. Creation is Perfect sees them under the guidance of long time collaborator and post-punk legend Colin Newman of Wire as they re-record some classic tracks, giving extra hue to their original compositions. 

Minimal Compact
Creation is Perfect

A band often overlooked when discussing the white-hot creativity of post-punk, Creation Is Perfect finally does justice to the back catalogue of Amsterdam band Minimal Compact, renowned for their unsettled, propulsive rhythms and riotous live shows. Seven fan favourites, plus a new track ‘Holy Roller’, are re-recorded with Wire’s Colin Newman behind the production desk. Comes as a 80-page hardbound book including CD, on top of regular vinyl and CD releases. 

Malka Spigel
Rosh Ballata

Malka Spigen! She was a member of Minimal Compact until they split up in 1988, but in 1993 she made something remarkable: the Rosh Ballata album. This is a set of music that is simultaneously happy-days nineties pop, experimental international trip-hop, and much more besides. Features contributions from Colin Newman and Anton Shammas. Reissued by Swim.

Minimal Compact
One (Statik Dancin')

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