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The Bunny Tylers
Chance Meetings

STOP PRESS: We have an actual worst band name of all time. Shame as their music sounds promising. They got together to try to remake MBV 'Loveless' and to discuss various guitar bowing techniques but have since gone on to explore texture, guitar drones and pedal techniques. They also come from Beirut and contain former members of Johnny Kafta’s Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra. 

The Bunny Tylers
Glitches and Drones 2013-2016

Charbel Haber and Fadi Tabbal have inspiring track records as solo artists pushing the alternative and experimental sides of everything they touch. Working within projects such as Scrambled Eggs, Johnny Kafta Anti-Vegetarian Orchestra, The Incompetents, and Under The Carpet. Now putting their heads together they create bizarre indie-come-dirty electronics under The Bunny Tylers. Think a lo-fi How to Destroy Angels.