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Graham Coxon
The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score)

The End Of The F***ing World (Original Songs and Score) by Graham Coxon marks the Blur guitarist’s first foray into the world of soundtracks. Graham was inspired by the Channel 4/Netflix production’s dark comedy and found himself working at uncharacteristically fast pace with the final tracks selecte...view item »

Graham Coxon / Luke Daniel

Graham Coxon is using his fame for good here by showcasing new talent and raising money for charity. This 7” single features Coxon covering Falling, a song by the apparently very talented, but very unknown songwriter Luke Daniel. Side two features Luke Daniel’s own version. All proce...view item »

Graham Coxon
The Spinning Top

I bought this without really checking any of the songs beforehand. So I was pleasently suprised to find that nearly every song on the albulm was pretty brilliant. Graham Coxon in my opinion is one of the best guitarists alive at the moment, and his singing is decent enough to go with it. All in all very good, lots of good stuff. ...view item »

Graham Coxon
A & E

Grumpy Blur guitarist (we don't have to say ex-guitarist anymore -- sick!) Graham Coxon breaks something and does the sensible thing: gets it checked out. Or, actually, he makes an album called A + E in an attempt to convey the more raw and ruinous qualities of his song-writing and recordin...view item »

Graham Coxon
Dead Bees/ Brave The Storm

Graham Coxon releases another of his print things which comes with a download code so you can get his new single. It's a novel fancy way of releasing music which I approve of. His art is (surprisingly) pleasing to the eye and as we don't have a copy to listen to (as we don't get any codes) then I can't review it so there's no chance of it upsetting...view item »

Graham Coxon
Sorrow's Army

This is a print with a download code on. Yes it's not a record but an art print by Coxon which is numbered and comes on a nice fancy textured slab of basildon bond or something. The back of it (the B side) has a download code on it so you can actually listen to something. At least you're getting something physical for your money. Prob will be worth...view item »

Graham Coxon
Happiness In Magazines

For my punishment I have a Graham Coxon new album to review...... Available on LP/CD and in it's own sleeve. Now I'm stuck.... The music isn't bad at all, if only he'd keep his trap shut cos the man really can't sing. It's not bad though and it doesn't fill me with fear like some releases do. Am pleased I didn't get the new Acid Mothe...view item »

Graham Coxon
The Kiss Of Morning

Its not nice being unemployed. Days turn into weeks as you sit by a 2 bar fire drinking tea and watching daytime TV waiting until your giro comes through so you can go to the shops and buy a double pack of custard creams and some cheap beer. Many people can end up demoralised and depressed but not plucky G...view item »