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Gilbert / Lewis / Mills

MZUI was a 1982 era project from Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert of Wire alongside Russell Mills. The trio initially collaborated on a multi-media project  at London's Waterloo Gallery before compiling their ideas onto an album. The sound sculptures and ambient sounds weren't totally dissimilar to Brian Eno's music of the era using the idea of sound as a landscape. This re-issue comes with a replica of the packaging of the original with a six page foldable sheet with photos.  
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4 Will You Speak This Word

B.C. Gilbert and Graham Lewis formed Dome in 1980 once their previous band, Wire, had split. They released four albums in their time, 4 Will You Speak Your Word unsurprisingly being their fourth. It was only ever released as part of a long out of print box set. It is now being reissued as an LP in its own right. Features Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode / Yazoo / Erasure fame on vocals and Fairlight. 

Dome 3

After Wire temporarily called it quits in 1980 Graham Lewis and Bruce Gilbert decided that, actually, they still quite enjoyed making music together. However, the stuff they then started doing in Dome was pretty far removed from the serrated, angular punk they’d dealt out in their previous band. While still part of the post-punk continuum, records like Dome's third LP Dome 3 (1981) have more in common with the dubwise experimentation of Brian Eno & David Byrne’s My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts - another album that came out in 1981. This new Editions Mego pressing of Dome 3 gives the record new artwork an a remastering job from Rashad Becker.

Change Becomes Us

Wire are generally the most forward-thinking of veteran post-punk bands yet even they can't help but look to the past for inspiration. Change Becomes Us came about when they decided to revisit tracks that had only been played once or twice back in their late '70's heyday and re-work them into new tracks. The result is a varied and inspired album that, like the band itself, refuses to sit still in one genre. 

Dome 2

Editions Mego present a well-earned reissue of the second album by Dome. And what, precisely is Dome? Well, that would be Bruce Gilbert and Graham Lewis of Wire, spinning off on a (yet) more experimental direction, with focus on utilising the studio itself for maximum effect. Dome 2 is essential listening for Wire fans and for everyone else, especially with this fetching remaster by Russell Haswell.

Dome 1

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Like This For Ages EP

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Bruce Gilbert
Ex Nihilo

Editions Mego mark their 250th release with a regular contributor to the label - ex-Wire / Dome member Bruce Gilbert. Ex Nihilo encapsulates his signature sonics - harsh, austere, sculptural aural brutalism, hacked into a variety of abstract and alien shapes. The fact that the album is mastered by mischievous extremist synth gremlin Russell Haswell and cut by the exacting Rashad Becker neatly indicates where it lies on the noise continuum.

Silver / Lead

The fifteenth Wire album, released in the year of their fortieth anniversary, finds the group still sounding spritely and fresh. Most importantly of all, Silver / Lead finds them still sounding highly creative! CD and LP versions available, plus a deluxe CD-in-80-page-book edition that features stacks of exclusive text and imagery. Out on the band’s Pink Flag imprint.