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Jung An Tagen
Proxy States

It’s techno, Jim, but not as we know it! The youthful Jung An Tagen returns to Mego with a cassette of “modern composition techniques” squarely aimed at invoking the aesthetic of techno music. With its odd spectral freezing and glistening rhythms, the album will delight lovers of unconventional electronic music and surely make you a big hit at techno parties.
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Jung An Tagen
Agent Im Objekt

It’s a question as old as music itself: what happens when conventional club music signifiers are subjected to querying skews, syncopations, minimalisms and new sound designs? Vienna’s Jung An Tagen is member of the week over at the Deconstructin’ Da Club Club. If you’re keen to have your rave cake and stroke your beard too, don’t miss these totally radical dance wonks.

Jung An Tagen
Das Fest Der Reichen

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