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Mikael Tariverdiev
Visions in Black & White

Mikael Tariverdiev was a Russian film score composer known for his brilliant improvisations. Visions in Black & White is a compilation of his jazz work and improvised themes originally composed for ‘60s and ‘70 movies. This album serves as an introduction to one of the lesser known greats.
  • Vinyl LP (EARTHLP038X)
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  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition

Mikael Tariverdiev
Seventeen Moments of Spring

Mikael Tariverdiev's score to the legendary (at least in ex-Soviet states) Seventeen Moments of Spring. Though Tariverdiev was initially reluctant to get involved, his soundtrack for the 12 part series would become one of the most iconic in the history of Russian filmmaking. The show follows a Soviet spy working undercover in Nazi Germany, and needed a score to match its weight and drama. Tariverdiev succeeded.  

Mikael Tariverdiev
Olga Sergeevna

Mikael Tariverdiev’s score to the highly regarded 1975 Soviet TV series Olga Sergeevna has never before been released outside of Russia, but change is afoot… Earth Recordings have masterminded this release, which showcases Tariverdiev’s talent for building grand cinematic gestures out of improvised components. CD and double LP reissue editions.