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Camila Fuchs Vinyl, CD & tapes by Camila Fuchs at Norman Records

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Camila Fuchs
Heart Pressed Between Stones

...I guess ATP isn't completely dead? Camila Fuchs releases her second album Heart Pressed Between Two Stones, on the label arm of the Arsene Wenger of music festivals. Triumphant electronics and pained vocals make for a very intense listening experience as informed by pop music as it is experimentalism.
  • Vinyl LP (ATPRLP63)
  • Coloured vinyl
  • Limited edition
  • CD (ATPRCD63)

Camila Fuchs
Singing From Fixed Rung

Camilla Fuchs is the duo project of two international electronic sound people (Mexico’s Camilia de Laborde and Germany’s Daniel Hermann-Collini). Singing From Fixed Rung is a set of song-based synth-pop material made with an experimental attitude. This LP is a joint release between SVS Records, Schamoni Musik and The Lumen Lake.
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  • Camila Fuchs