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After a seemingly interminable wait since their 2015 full-length debut, Swiss noise-rock outfit Massicot unleash their second album. Dealing in alternating passages of aggressive volume and hypnotic calmness, Kratt forges together Middle Eastern-inspired polyrhythms and European folk with post-punk. 

Suri Gruti

The sounds on Massicot’s new record Suri Gruti were apparently recorded as soundtracks to Man Ray films: from the sounds of the audience at the start and the end, Suri Gruti also appears to be a live document. But this stuff is firmly strong and potent enough to stand as its own record: tightly churning repeato-rock of the highest order. 10” on Harbinger Sound.

Housewives / Massicot
Exc. 281016 / Kokteilis

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